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Our Process

1nsight-energy-calgary-001We meet with you to discuss your disposition needs. Once we receive a listing of the properties that you are looking to dispose of we begin our work. A market assessment of all the properties being considered for sale will be compiled. We will share with you our preliminary estimate of the likely selling price of the assets. If our appraisal meets your expectations, we hope to proceed with marketing your properties.

To get an accurate estimate of the value of you potential disposition, we require an accurate and reliable land schedule for each property which outlines your company’s ownership in various petroleum and natural gas rights, working interests, and encumbrances. We also require accurate net income statements for each property being sold which will form the basis for determining the value for each property being sold. If there is an engineering report already prepared for the property we will review it and confirm the assumptions that went into that evaluation.  If there is no engineering report for the properties, we will recommend an independent engineering firm to engineer every producing well, behind pipe opportunity, PUD, and any other identifiable upside opportunity. At the conclusion of this exercise we will provide you with an estimate of a realistic sales price for the assets being considered for sale.

The land, net income statement and engineering data that have been gathered will be used to formulate a marketing document which will serve as a “road map” for the disposition. The “road map” for the listing will include a summary page for each property being listed. The summary page includes a base map, production profile plot, (and upside plot), net present value table and a tabular breakdown of revenues, royalties, operating costs and net cash flow for the first year.

We will distribute a complete sales package to a wide spectrum of active buyers and do telephone follow-up until each prospective buyer either makes a bid or determines he has no interest. The property will be posted on our website on the Internet.

Our services include data collection, receiving and reviewing land schedules, lease operating statements and third party engineering reports. Were possible, and in consultation with our client, we will help establish upside value to each property being listed. We provide recommendations on potential selling prices for your assets. We assemble, and group packages of like properties.

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