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  • The capacity to discern the true nature of a situation;
  • The act or result of understanding the inner nature of things;
  • To have a clear, deep understanding of a complicated problem or situation

What We Do

1nsight-energy-calgary-003We are an independent advisory firm that provides acquisition and divestment solutions. We recognize that as your company grows, some of the oil and gas properties that you may have started your company with, or properties that were inherited through a merger or acquisition, may not fit or form part of your "core" business. Managing smaller non-core properties requires valuable engineering, geological, land, and accounting manpower and time. Our mandate is to help you monetize these non-core assets, allowing you to redeploy manpower, time and sales proceeds from the disposition to grow your core business.

There are a number of common themes that are standard with all of our engagements. We take a multidisciplinary approach to assessing and marketing our client’s non-core oil and gas properties.

We provide:

  • A preliminary estimate of the possible selling price for your non-core assets;
  • A review of land schedules, net operating income statements and third party engineering reports
  • Asset characterization including type curve analysis;
  • Reserve and economic modelling.
  • Advice on property groupings.
  • Sales Brochure preparation and distribution.
  • Proactive marketing solutions for divesting our client’s non-core assets;
  • Data Room services and internet access for disposition packages;
  • Bid evaluation, negotiation, and closing services.
  • Divestment SOLUTIONS.
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